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Our Spirit


Experience and innovation: at Cockburn’s we build on the legacy of past generations of Port producers as well as introducing new ideas in our constant search for quality. From the vine to the bottle, our ambition is to bring together the best of tradition, expertise, craftsmanship and innovation.

To tend our land wisely for future generations: the Douro Valley is our home and we treat it as such. As a family company, we manage our vineyards with a sense of care for the environment. Our viticulture is based on minimum intervention practices. We believe in the sustainable development of this beautiful mountain wine region.

To remain true to our heritage of independence: we age Cockburn’s Special Reserve for longer than most other Reserve Ports in order to preserve the unmistakable identity of the Original Reserve Port. The wines are matured at our historic lodge in seasoned oak vats, carefully watched over by our own dedicated team of tasters and coopers.

To remain true to our standards of excellence: Cockburn’s is known for its independent approach to Vintage Port declarations. For instance, the company did not make a Vintage Port in 1917, 1920 and 1924, all years that were widely declared by other Port Houses. Excellence in this field entails a great deal of experience, sound judgment and the confidence to bide our time. Cockburn’s patience has often been vindicated, as demonstrated by the outstanding collection of Cockburn’s 20th Century Vintage Ports, such as the exceptional 1908, 1927, 1935 and 1963.

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