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Pairing Cockburn’s Ports and food

Cockburn’s Ports are the perfect companion for a number of foods including cheese, chocolate and several desserts. But they are also delicious on their own as the perfect finishing touch to the end of a meal.

Food Pairings


Why not try
Special Reserve with rich chocolate cake.

The spicy fruit in
Cockburn’s Special Reserve makes it a perfect partner for chocolates of all descriptions.

Cockburn’s Fine Ruby goes well with a variety of soft, creamy cheeses.
Stronger cheeses call for a different treatment. Cockburn’s Late Bottled Vintage Port pairs well with blue cheeses, cheddar, spiced cheeses and many others.
Cockburn’s Fine White Port makes a cracking Port Tonic or, served chilled on its own, is a delight with toasted, salted nuts.
Cockburn’s Fine Tawny Port pairs beautifully with dried fruits and nuts.
Cockburn’s 10 and 20 Years Old Tawny Port is the ideal wine to drink with desserts. Try it with apple tart, ice cream, Portuguese custard tart, or crème brûlée and many others: the sky’s the limit.
Cockburn’s Vintage Port has the complexity to warrant savouring it on its own. Or it makes the perfect partner to Stilton and other cheeses.
Cockburn’s Quinta dos Canais Vintage Port is great with strong and complex cheeses too, like Stilton, blue cheeses, strong cheddar and many more.

Serving Cocktails

Cockburn’s Fine White is a great aperitif, particularly outdoors in warm weather, in an informal, relaxed surrounding. Chilled or mixed in a cocktail.

Port & Tonic:
Mix 2 parts of tonic with 1 part of Cockburn’s Fine White, add a slice of lemon and ice at will.
Wood aged scotch by Samson at The Lamb Club:
Mix Cockburn’s Fine White with fresh grapefruit juice and add a drop of liquid honey.
Portofino by Duane Park
Restaurant (NYC):
Crush 2 fresh strawberries and some fresh mint. Add Cockburn’s Fine White and top it off with a dash of soda.
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