Port & Tonic

Crisp and refreshing, Port & Tonic is the perfect drink for those warm summer evenings.


Plenty of ice
Cockburn’s White Port
Tonic water
A slice of lime and a sprig of mint

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Have you tried a refreshing Port & Tonic yet? Here is a sun-soothing tipple that is both charming and delicious, with 1/3 parts of Dalva Dry White Port to 2/3 parts of tonic water, and a vibrant sprig of rosemary. Look out for this beautiful and floral drink, which will reach our sunny shores very soon. #portandtonic #portcocktail #refreshing #aperitif #summer #anytime #cheers #porto #drinkportugal #risingstar
Cheers to snuggly Fridays by the fire, autumn is well and truly here! Discovered the concept of "port and tonic" recently; essentially a "warmer" version of a G&T. Addicted, try it! . PS - the YouTube is finally live, link in Stories and my outfit details are all in the SHOP section of my blog, as you really need this top.
Citrus and herbs are perfect for adding complementary flavours to your cocktails. Try fresh mint and a squeeze of bitter lime to your #PortAndTonic, perfectly shown in @bec_illustrates' watercolour.

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