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When to drink Port

When the Port comes out, the evening begins

Cockburn’s wines are the perfect companions for any occasion from the very casual to the very formal. Port is often drunk after a meal, either paired with dessert or as a delicious digestif on its own after lunch or dinner. This is a great traditional way to drink Port. But chilled White Port and Tawny Port also make refreshing aperitifs, either served straight or as cocktails.

So, if you want the perfect drink to relax before lunch or before dinner then try our White Port, chilled or as a Port Tonic cocktail with ice, lemon, mint and tonic water. A chilled glass of 10 Years Old or 20 Years Old Aged Tawny Port is very versatile and goes down equally well before, during or after a meal. Special Reserve is warm and welcoming, especially in the colder months, when you want to settle down somewhere cozy in good company or for a quiet night in.

Cockburn’s Ports are great wines for relaxing with friends and family. They are also the perfect companion for a variety of foods including cheese, chocolate and desserts generally. They are equally pleasurable, served on their own, as aperitifs, or after a meal.

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