Cockburn’s 20 years old tawny port

Refinement, balance, depth, complexity.

The 20 Years Old stands alone. After two decades in wood, it is finely tuned and finely balanced.

Tasting notes

It has extraordinary complexity with layers of dried fruits, nuts and caramel. It has gained more wisdom and more depth than its younger sibling but age affects the fruit too. Here, the characteristics of wood ageing are really at their peak and the fruit has softened, gaining a smoothness like silk.

It is slightly lighter than many other 20 Year Old Tawny Ports and it also has the Cockburn’s dry finish. We consider it therefore to be a little more refreshing. The quality of the wine we use has to be second to none. Our winemakers taste it and read its future in the shapes, smells and flavours in the glass.

How to Serve

You don’t need to worry about decanting and we suggest you drink our 20 Years Old chilled straight from the fridge. Make sure you have a nice big glass so that you can swirl it and smell it.

It’s survived this long already, and once you’ve opened the bottle, it will easily go on for another 8 weeks. But we would bet you’ve finished it before then anyway.

Food pairing

Our 20 Years Old with any of crème brûlée, apple pie with cinnamon, sweet pastries, vanilla ice cream or fruitcake would be a match made in heaven. But it is also a beautiful soloist, which can be enjoyed on its own.

Wine specification

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