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The life and soul.
The pride of every port producer, a great tawny that turns heads and fills glasses is usually appreciated with great solemnity. But we were never ones to bottle things up. We wanted to make a wine that can be the life and soul of the party.


This is a barrel-aged tawny port sourced from the finest casks usually destined to produce our 20-year-old tawny ports. Also aged in the Douro for longer than other tawny ports, it is brought down from our vineyards just before the full heat of the summer, and is blended to be expressive, vibrant, and unexpected. Bottled young to preserve a balance between complexity and fruit.


A lively and fine-textured port with generous aromas of honey, caramel and hint of vanilla. Subtle flavours of red fruit and walnuts make this an elegant wine with plenty to give.


Boasting complex fruit flavours and a lovely smooth finish with notes of honey, caramel and vanilla, Tawny Eyes lends itself to experimentation. Loaded with character, we’ve chosen the Tawny & Ginger as our go-to, but don’t just embrace the unexpected, make it.

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