Cockburn’s fine white port

The perfect refreshment at any time of day.

Start your evening in good company with a glass of white Port, a twist of lemon, a sprig of mint and maybe a generous splash of tonic water.

Our White Port is something of a family secret. When people come to visit us they are always pleasantly surprised. It is a style of Port that is really worth getting to know better.

The wine

White Ports come in a range of styles from very sweet to very dry. We believe that Cockburn’s Fine White has the best of both worlds. It has the natural sugars of ripe grapes as well as the dryness of a slightly longer fermentation. The result: a slightly drier, easy-going, easy to drink White Port perfect for a summer’s afternoon, so sit back relax and if it’s not summer yet, you can certainly imagine it is.

How to Serve

We like to drink our Fine White Port as an aperitif before lunch or dinner. And on special occasions here in Portugal, we serve chilled White Port to welcome our guests. Serve chilled, straight from the ice bucket or the fridge.

Making cocktails

Or try making your own Port Tonic cocktail. A good slice of fresh lemon, orange, lime or even grapefruit; ice; a sprig of fresh mint or rosemary; tonic water and generous splash of Cockburn’s Fine White Port.

There are always new ways you can use Cockburn’s Fine White Port, but don’t keep them to yourself – share your discoveries with us online.

Wine specification

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