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O Provador

O Provador

Rebellious and original.


Meaning ‘The Taster’, O Provador is named after our legendary Head Taster and Winemaker, John Henry Smithes. Originally a secret blend for guests visiting the Douro, O Provador combines Smithes’ rebellious personality with the nuanced flavours associated with wood-ageing.


A Reserve Tawny port made using high quality grapes principally sourced from Quinta dos Canais, our home in the Douro Valley. Four years spent ageing in balseiros (large oak vats), followed by two years in seasoned oak casks, have given O Provador elegance and balance, while retaining its youthful verve and swagger.

Goes well with

Best served slightly chilled, enjoy O Provador on its own before meals or as an accompaniment to desserts such as apple pie, crème brûlée and ice cream.

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