The taste of one of the Douro’s best vineyards - bottled.

The only thing better than our beautiful vineyards is our beautiful vineyards bottled as wine. This is a wine made to show off our greatest treasure: Quinta dos Canais. We make this wine in exactly the same way as our ‘declared’ Vintage Port. ‘Declared’ Vintage Ports are made in a year when all other producers make a Vintage Port from a blend of their best properties and it is officially ‘declared’ by the whole region. In between these years, the best properties are usually so good that they deserve to be bottled independently.


Our vineyards are spread across the mountainous north bank of the Douro River. The bend in the river forms a natural amphitheatre with an ideal south-facing aspect. It’s a great view and it’s great for the vines too, which can ripen perfectly in the hot summer sun.

Our vineyards are planted with many different grape varieties. There are two that are particularly special though. The Touriga Nacional gives our wines their rich, ripe, red fruit flavours, minty aromas and peppery tannins; while, the Touriga Franca, adds more elegance and the floral dimension. There are a lot of old vines at Canais too, which give a depth and complexity to the wine that can only be found in wines made from beautifully mature vineyards.

How to Store

Single Quinta Vintage Port is produced in years in between ‘declared’ Vintage years. It is therefore usually a more affordable alternative to Vintage Port. It reflects the characteristics of one specific vineyard and is usually ready to drink earlier than classic Vintage Port, within 10 or 15 years on average. The very best Single Quinta Vintage Ports can age almost as long as the great ‘declared’ Vintage Ports.

How to Serve

Quinta dos Canais Vintage Port should be stored and served in the same way as Cockburn’s Vintage Port. Store it lying down, in a cool, dark, dry place. Decant before serving to remove the natural sediment. And drink from generous glasses to appreciate it at its best. And drink it up within 4 or 5 days. Find out more about serving, storing or decanting Vintage Port – all you need to know.

Wine specification

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